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Why should you choose IIAS Online Coaching of UPSC, KAS?


Specialized & Digitized Classes focused on building a conceptual knowledge base for students


Super Affordable, Cost-Effective, and Cheaper UPSC,KAS Posts UPSC,KAS Preparation


Personalized Attention Regular tests and answer writing sessions to improve accuracy and time management


Updated with Current Affairs Technological support and Feedback by Subject Matter Experts


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Online Coaching

Why is Online IAS coaching a smarter way to clear UPSC Exam?

There are two ways to prepare for an examination trying as UPSC Civil Services Exam & KAS i.e. The Normal one, and the Smart one.

In this fast life, we have hundreds of tasks in a day, and sometimes we fail to prioritize our UPSC CSE and KAS preparation. This is natural. But this cannot be repeated because consistency is the key to excelling in the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Therefore, we need to have a unique strategy at our fingertips, which is well-suited according to our needs and time constraints.

One such brilliant strategy is the best Online UPSC & KAS coaching by IIAS which delivers IAS, and KAS online coaching videos in Malayalam as well as in the English medium.

Many I aspirants are opting for technical means to complete their UPSC & KAS preparation. This is because online preparation for UPSC & KAS is much cheaper and much more convenient than regular coaching. The class timings are very flexible as per one’s availability.

IIAS Is the best online coaching for UPSC, & KAS brings you the current affairs updated IAS & KAS lectures from the most competent and reliable IAS faculty from all over India on your mobile phone and laptop.

The online IAS/UPSC complete preparation course by IIAS is suitable for anyone, and everyone who is looking for UPSC & KAS coaching online facility to complete his/her UPSC & KAS preparation or is not able to attend the regular UPSC coaching classes due to some reason

We provide short online IAS coaching videos in Malayalam as well as in English medium so that they can be easily understood by every aspirant irrespective of his/her background.

It is not practicable for every UPSC & KAS aspirant, especially working professionals and homemakers, to attend full-time UPSC coaching in Delhi or any other city for that matter. Also, many aspirants are not able to pay the high fee charged by other coaching centers. Also, it is not plausible for every aspirant living in faraway places to leave their respective homes and bear the substantial expense of traveling, shifting, and then surviving in Delhi or Trivandrum.

IIAS, Online IAS coaching classes are the best alternative to a regular IAS/UPSC classroom program because they are much cheaper than the regular IAS course with the same kind of quality IAS lectures at your fingertips with 24×7 availability.

IIAS provides one of the best UPSC coaching online facilities with regular feedback and an assessment system.

The most comprehensive online test series provided by IIAS ensures that aspirants have access to the best critical self-evaluation system so that they can identify their weak areas in advance and continuously work on them.

To sum things up, IIAS endeavors to provide UPSC aspirants the most competent IAS online coaching to make them achieve their dreams easier and sooner.